Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Christmas Favors and Gifts

Hello Stampers and Fellow Paper Crafters! 

Hope to find you all had a Merry Christmas. We've had a lot of rain this year but no snow << sniff >>, but fortunately most of our festivities were done the weekend before and it was nice and warm for everyone. 

This year I made cheeseballs and crafts instead of cookies and candies for my Husbands work, our neighbors, friends and family for Christmas.  First I wanted to share the cute little Mail Truck I made using a ScorPal template I found online.  I gave this and a gift card to the nice lady who delivers our mail. Uh, what would she be, our Mail Lady, Mail Person...I don't know!


Below centered is the adorable six pack of Rudolph's I made for my Brother In Law.  I got this idea on Pinterest, and thought it would go perfect with the cheeseball platter I made for my Sis! I would have loved to have done this for my Dad, Brother and Sister who all live out of town and in other states but shipping beer and cheese would have been problematic! So they all got handmade crafts and candy favors instead!   :o(   

I did the same thing here with Coco-Cola's which I packed in a gift basket filled with cheeseball, crackers, nuts and fruit for my Ex In Laws and our Neighbors.  They're so cute and simple, simple to make!!!!

 Ok, that's all for now folks, gotta run, until next time, happy stampin!

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