Monday, November 12, 2012

Roxboro Community School Holiday Extravaganza

Hello Stampers and Fellow Paper Crafters!

Wow, we had such a great time Saturday in Roxboro at the 7th Annual Roxboro Community School Holiday Extravaganza!   This year I was blessed to have two of my dearest friends join me and sell their Fall & Christmas paper crafting favors, gifts and cards!  I also moved to the other side of the school which turned out to be a wonderful location (hope we get it again next year!).  We were right across the hall from the cafeteria and the room where the Silent Auction was taking place.  Loved it!!! 

Although, it was wonderful having our booth situated in a classroom doorway (so much room to walk around) we had planned on setting our tables up against the walls with baskets and boxes to layer our items on, unfortunately we ended up basically laying most of our items flat on the table, but it was all good, and we did very well and sold most of our wares but boy, were we dragging one leg behind us by the end of the day!   

Ok, enjoy the pics Folks, and until next time...Happy Stampin!

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