Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sarah's Baby Shower

Hello fellow stampers and crafter!

Just a quick post today, I am busy, busy, busy designing and preparing for my upcoming Alamance Community College Gifts & Favors class that starts next Wednesday but did want to post the pics from Sarah's Shower.  I only took a few, but did want to share! 

Shower Favors ~ Little Paper Diapers with candy dipped Animal Cookies...YUM!

 These were super easy and just too yummy!

            Just couldn't get that little Giraffes head to stay put (it was an animated music box)!                                         

 Cute little cupcake pedestal, so easy to make!  

 The little Momma to be.
 Sarah and my Sister Sheila.
Ok, that's it folks for right now, thanks for visiting!

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